Jackrabbit’s Ffeats

RhinoTrump_bThe TRINO, the dim-witted, ruthless enemy of conservatives, 2017. Donald Trump merged with Marvel comic art, “The Rhino.” Following Trump’s tweet threatening members of the Freedom Caucus with being primaried after the failed AHCA vote of March 24, 2017. Composited/edited using GIMP.


Paul Ryan and Barack Obama as Teedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, 2017. On the occasion of the unveiling of the “American Health Care Act.” Composited/edited using GIMP.


Joseph Ivor Wyse as King Henry VIII, 2015. Edited/composited with GIMP, using unknown portrait


Joseph Ivor Wyse as Godzilla, 2015. Edited/composited with GIMP. Based on a publicity still from the film, “The Return of Godzilla,” 1984, Toho.

Monster Pops of the Left:The Obama Sucker, 2010. Composited/Edited using GIMP


Monster Pops of the Left: The Hillary Sucker, 2015. Composited/Edited using GIMP.


Barack Hussein Obama as King James I of England, 2014. Composited using GIMP, from Portrait by Daniel Mytens, 1621.


Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Bloody Red Queen, 2015. Composited/Edited using GIMP. Based on a publicity still from the film, “Alice in Wonderland,” 2010, Disney.